Growing up started for me with a decision. A yes, no decision… simple. That was it. Yet how could such a seemingly simple decision change ones life forever. Change ones lifestyle. Change ones knowledge. Change ones maturity. It was that yes, no decision for me, that changed my life forever, and made my life a […]

Ideas: war… control… discipline (perfect)… military regime… fear from government/military…   based in a camp (military camp, concentration camp, migrant camp)??… setting is clean but dirty, dry (desert) brown rough landscape… low level (1 story buildings) made from mud brick, barbed wire, fences,

Hi Logan, Can you start on your piece/post it on your blog, so that I can see where it’s going please 🙂 GB

The film ‘V For Vendetta’ directed by James McTeigue is a dystopian political thriller set in a near future London that follows a vigilante known as ‘V’. ‘V’ is an anti-hero who has very strong political views against the current government in power and plans to seek revenge and change by committing an act of […]

In the novel ‘The Handmaid’s Tale’ written by Margaret Atwood, Control of women is used to warn us of the future. This is shown through three main themes, control of thought and language, control of sexuality, and control through fear. Margaret Atwood effectively uses control of womens thought and language to warn us of the future.  […]

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